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A busy quarter

A quick update on my activity this year. It's been hectic so far! I've had the pleasure of working with some enormously talented companies; Littleloud, Fat Pebble, Plastic Pictures, and most recently Preloaded. I can't give any more information as the work I've done is either NDA'd, or has yet to be released. I'll be sure to update when the projects are on the App Store / Google Play.

Of course, the biggest news of 2013 so far is Sweatshop HD being pulled from the App Store, which was covered by media worldwide.

Shrike Engine

Shrike Engine Some progress on Shrike Engine - a framework I'm building in Unity3D to handle common functionality in 3rd person games, such as:

- Enemy AI - Pathfinding - Dialog - Inventory - Long and short range combat - Multiplatform (iOS, Android, Web) - Multiplayer - Multiple input (touchpad, desktop, controller)

All of this building on top of Unity3D, and using plugins such as NGUI, Finger Gestures, and Playmaker.


Murdoor at Molyjam Brighton

For Molyjam2012 I was inspired by the tweet: "I mean, what if, just imagine for a moment that you could actually take CONTROL of a door."

Introducing Murdoor. You are a murderous door.

This won the "Most Visionary" award at the Brighton Molyjam, for which I received a copy of Dungeon Keeper, which sits next to my BAFTA.

This very simple, silly game was covered by both Eurogamer and Hookshot, amongst others.

More information can be found on my personal blog.




Talk: London Unity User Group

November 2011: A talk at LUUG #7  titled "Why I'm Not Even Slightly Worried About This Whole Flash Thing" - detailing my experiences of transitioning from Flash to Unity, and covering other topics such as Augmented Reality, Gyroscope control, and many other things.