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25 VR Twitter Accounts You Need To Be Following


UploadVR published an article recommending 25 people you should be following if you're interested in VR.

I'm very happy they've included me on the list, alongside some people I very much respect - and some personal heroes of mine! 

To be included with such people as John Carmack, Tim Sweeney, Timoni West, Alan Yates, Chet Faliszek, Shuhei Yoshida, Robert Scoble, and of course, the man who kickstarted the VR revolution - Palmer Luckey - is pretty amazing! Thanks UploadVR!


Unity VR Samples


Unity VR Samples

Unity asked me to work with them on the Unity VR Samples, which is aimed at people who are interested in starting VR development in Unity. I'm very happy to say it's now been released!

It consists of a VR Sample project for Gear VR and DK2, with a menu scene and four minigames:

It's also backed by extensive documentation about various aspects of VR and how they're applied in the VR Samples:


If you're new to VR dev, take a look! There's tons of information in there that's bound to be useful to you.

Big thanks for the Unity team for their hard work and putting up with me :)




Oculus Touch Demo

I was invited to a VR developers day at Oculus in London to try the new Oculus Half Moon controllers and the final engineering sample of the CV1. 

Input has always been a challenge in VR. I've used gamepads, LeapMotion, Kinect, Razer Hydra, Myo, and gaze-based input - but none of them feel right. Oculus have pretty much nailed it now: These Half Moon controllers are absolutely fantastic. Not only are they incredibly precise, but they're an ergonomic delight: From the moment you pick them up, it's obvious an enormous amount of effort has gone into creating these.

The final engineering sample of the CV1 is also an engineering masterpiece. Lightweight, sleek, and with excellent displays and lenses, it's very exciting to see what the first consumer version will look like.


Me, trying the Half Moon controllers

Me, trying the Half Moon controllers



FESTIVE VR Brighton!

2014 has been an amazing year for VR. I love developing VR experiences and games, and I’m convinced that it will continue exploding in popularity over the coming months and years. We’re at an incredibly exciting point in the birth of a new form of entertainment and interaction, and we're helping define the future of a medium.

I set up VR Brighton in early 2014 to get like-minded people together to share their excitement, show off their work and to get the technology into the hands of those who don’t have it yet. 
It's been eight months since our first meet up, and Festive VR Brighton on December 8th was our largest, most popular and most successful event so far. We had 70 people in total, mainly from Brighton and London, but also from Dorset, Yorkshire, and Edinburgh! Yes - people came from another country to VR Brighton!


There are lot of people I need to thank! First up is Brightwave, a very forward-thinking eLearning company based in Brighton who hosted the meetup on the top floor of their gorgeous office for the evening. In particular, my thanks goes to: Colin Welch, Hayley Maisey, Laura Ward, and Rob Keery for helping out with the organisation and the invaluable assistance on the evening.

A huge thank you to everyone who bought demos along! Thank you SO MUCH. It would be really quite boring if you didn’t come along. So in no particular order..

Also, a huge thankyou to everyone who attended! If you have any feedback, positive or negative, please let me know.

Massive apologies to Peter Brophy for bringing the HOTAS & Vest, but being unable to use it as my PC couldn’t connect to the internet to authenticate Elite: Dangerous. Next time!

Kerry: Thanks for all the help. You're a star.

To everyone who didn’t come along and didn’t change your RSVP to "no" despite all the reminders.. shame on you! You’re on Santa’s naughty list now.

Finally, thanks to Lloyd Digital (oh wait, that's me) for sponsoring the drinks and mince pies. And for the two strands of tinsel.

Hope to see you at the next VR Brighton meetup! Let’s make 2015 an even more exciting year for VR.

Merry Christmas!


Edit: There's a video of the event here, thanks Kevin!





Radial-G is one of the best VR games I've played, and now I'd say it's by far the best. But then I would say that, as I'm now credited as a Supporting Developer!

Admittedly it was only a small amount of work, however it was an absolute pleasure working with the team. Shame I didn't have more availability, as I love working on shiny 3D, particularly in VR.

Radial-G also won "Best Overall VR Experience Finalists Public Choice" at the Virtual Reality Awards.

Radial-G has been greenlit on Steam, and will be available on December 11th, 2014.