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WebGL Gunship Demo

Just testing out the Unity WebGL preview. When I get time I'll add some interactivity into these things! 

Edit: 17/12/2014: Looks like something's changed in the browsers WebGL rendering, and there's a DoF/blur on everything. Will need to fix that.

Exciting times. See my other blog post for more info.

Note that not all image effects are currently supported by the WebGL preview, and the images below have some enabled that you won't see... yet.



Unity 5 and WebGL - Walker Diorama

All hail the new golden age of bloated WebGL skip intros for websites!

Well, maybe, but hopefully not. I will admit to making some when I was an ActionScript programmer many many years ago..

Anyway, I've been doing some personal R&D with the Unity 5 private beta and the WebGL preview. I haven't had much time to play with WebGL, but thought I'd take a quick look over a quiet weekend.

If you haven't heard much about WebGL and Unity, well Unity recently announced that they will make this a free feature for both Free and Pro users, which is fantastic news for everyone really. I'm sure this will mean more people using Unity, which can only be a good thing.

The screenshot below is with some nice image effects enabled, but WebGL doesn't yet support that. 

Personally - and the point of this quick test - I find it amazing that browsers can display this content without any plugins. It's come such a long way since I used Mosaic back in the 90's!

Updated with a few extra bits and watermark

Updated with a few extra bits and watermark

Unity 5 WebGL Walker Diorama in Editor. Note: Image effects are not yet available in WebGL.

Updated daytime version


If you'd like to take a look at this scene exported for WebGL:

Edit: 17/12/2014: Looks like something's changed in the browsers WebGL rendering, and there's a DoF/blur on everything. Will need to fix that.

Please note it's:

  • Not optimised! This is a whopping 150MB. There's a bunch of textures I need to optimise or strip out.
  • Doesn't do much (move camera + zoom using mousewheel)
  • Has not been tested on anything other than a GeForce 780TI
  • Is the WebGL preview and not representative of the final release
  • The fire effect goes a bit odd at times.
  • The thumbnails are misleading as they have image effects

With all the above disclaimers, I'm not quite sure why you'd check it out! But do feel free.

Any comments, please leave them below. If it doesn't work, could you note your system spec? Thanks!

Update 1: Ok, the dark scene is too dark on most monitors. Updated to a daytime version.

Update 2: Added some other bits and pieces in, including a watermark. Can you find the liquorice allsorts? 


Shrike Engine

Shrike Engine
Shrike Engine

Some progress on Shrike Engine - a framework I'm building in Unity3D to handle common functionality in 3rd person games, such as:

  • Enemy AI
  • Pathfinding
  • Dialog
  • Inventory
  • Long and short range combat
  • Multiplatform (iOS, Android, Web)
  • Multiplayer
  • Multiple input (touchpad, desktop, controller)

All of this building on top of Unity3D, and using plugins such as 2D Toolkit, Finger Gestures, Playmaker, Skyshop, and Alloy.

Murdoor at Molyjam Brighton

For Molyjam2012 I was inspired by the tweet: "I mean, what if, just imagine for a moment that you could actually take CONTROL of a door."

Introducing Murdoor. You are a murderous door.

This won the "Most Visionary" award at the Brighton Molyjam, for which I received a copy of Dungeon Keeper, which sits next to my BAFTA.

This very simple, silly game was covered by both Eurogamer and Hookshot, amongst others.

More information can be found on my personal blog.




Megamind Pinball

A pinball game using Box2D physics in Flash to promote the theatrical release of Megamind.

Produced by Littleloud for Paramount.

Iron Man 2: Upgraded

A game to promote the theatrical release of Iron Man 2. Built in Unity3D for Web.

Produced by Littleloud for Marvel.