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Unity 5 FX and composition test - LD Dropship

Over the weekend I spent a few hours creating a diorama from Assets Store purchases, with a focus on making Unity 5 look good through lighting and image effects. 


Watch this video at 1080:

Here's a couple of stills to compare before and after:

Before image effects

After image effects

I'm now working on the next partof the sequence. It's a little tricky to see, but here the door is falling off:

Door falling off

I'll be blogging about my process soon - a lot of people have expressed interest in this, and it really was only a few hours of playing around (and years of knowledge and experience which I'm willing to share!).

Worth noting that this is only designed to run on my machine: i7 4790k @ 4.6Ghz / 16GB / 780ti.





WebGL Gunship Demo

Just testing out the Unity WebGL preview. When I get time I'll add some interactivity into these things! 

Edit: 17/12/2014: Looks like something's changed in the browsers WebGL rendering, and there's a DoF/blur on everything. Will need to fix that.

Exciting times. See my other blog post for more info.

Note that not all image effects are currently supported by the WebGL preview, and the images below have some enabled that you won't see... yet.


Work in Progress - Augmented Reality Car Demo

Some work in progress shots of an interactive Unity3D demo I've been working on when I have spare time. At some point I'll upload video, and maybe link to a Webplayer demo. Screenshots from Desktop, iPad3, and iPhone5.

This was also a contender for working it into a entry. Maybe next month..

Spin View

Spin view

Augmented Reality view

Interior gyroscope view