This was the second time I attended the fun and inspiring Unite Europe conference in Amsterdam, and this time I was on stage - twice!

A huge, heartfelt thank you to Unity and the team who organised it. Not only for organising a wonderful event for ~1500 people, but also for accepting my session, and putting me on the main stage.

First up was the brief mention in the Unite keynote at 1:46:50 (thanks Andy!) - followed by my session on the main stage: "Turning It Up To Eleven: Making Unity 5 Look AWESOME". For those of you surprised I wasn't talking about VR, making Unity look amazing is my other passion!

This was my first time speaking at an international tech conference, and it seemed to go down well - see the tweets embedded below. Although it's a lot of work to prepare, the payoff is definitely worth it, and once you're on the stage any worries just disappear.

On the second day of the conference I was on the "So You Want To Be A Unity Freelancer?" panel with Cat Burton, Kerry Turner, and Emil Johansen - which was genuinely interesting to be on from my point of view. It was great sharing thoughts, tips, and strategies with other experienced freelancers - I definitely learned some new things, and perhaps we convinced some people to go freelance too.

I believe both talks were recorded, and will be available on YouTube over the next few weeks. I'll update this when they're available, and upload my edited slides soon.

[Edit: Link to Turning It Up To Eleven: Making Unity 5 Look AWESOME!]

Various tweets about the two talks below. I think my favourite is "@yezzer is the Michael Bay of Unity scenes".