I finally have a Thalmic Myo of my own. I originally ordered it 607 days ago - it's taken a while to arrive, and I did wonder a few times if it was going to be vapourware (Where's my Sixense STEM kickstarter eh?)

Forunately the Myo isn't vapourware - a few months ago a friend loaned me an early Myo prototype, which was a great glimpse of what would be possible with the tech one day - and hopefully with the dev kit I now have, we're part of the way there! As with all cutting edge tech, there's a lot of rough edges - but that's to be expected!


It was extremely easy to set up with Windows 8.1 - download the software, plug it in, perform a few basic gestures, and it was ready to go. My only niggle here is that detection of the "wave in" gesture was a bit flakey - all the others were remarkably robust.

Basic integration with Unity was as simple as importing the .unitypackage - there are scripts in there that make it very easy to start prototyping, and makes it pretty straightforward to listen for gestures. Great work on the Unity SDK Thalmic, this is exactly what us developers need.

While I'm interested in all applications of new technology, my current focus is on VR, and the Myo definitely has potential as an input device with Unity - my initial tests were promising. I'll be bringing this along to December's VR Brighton for people to try out.

More to follow when I get some time to play about with it.