Very happy that I have now received a Vive dev kit! I was blown away after originally using the Vive at EGX in March 2015. Not only is the quality of the screens and lenses way ahead of the DK2, but room-scale VR is something that you need to experience to believe it. It's the closest to the holodeck that we're going to get for some time.

Another fantastic aspect of the Vive are the two wireless controllers. Positionally tracked with sub-millimeter precision, being able to reach out in VR and grab the controllers is an astonishing feeling.

Valve and HTC have done an amazing job with the Vive. I can't wait to see what the consumer version will be like.

If you're based in Brighton and would like a demo, get in contact and I'll try and sort something out.

VR development - now with lasers!

VR development - now with lasers!